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Paying It Forward – The Ripple Effect Documentary | Carly Alyssa Thorne, Carly A Thorne, Conscious Business


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A Beautiful Idea for Some Ugly Produce

An idea with a heart, can’t believe that they would have to “buy” food that would be thrown away, when the big business has a huge gain! Oh well, it’s not a perfect world, but what achieved is “perfect”! Great idea indeed!

French Press

5-Fruits-et-Légumes-Moches-par-jourTake a look at French supermarket Intermarché’s brilliant strategy at reducing food waste:

Effectively, the French grocery store bought the ugly produce their vendors would usually discard and sold it for 30% less. To convince people that ugly fruits and vegetables could be just as good as beautiful ones, they made soup and juice from the lackluster produce and handed them out as samples.

To everyone’s surprise, the fruits and vegetables now sell out regularly.

Now isn’t that a beautiful idea?

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Call Me Chicken!

Happy Fathers Day!
I actually hadn’t wondered what ever became of all the male chickens, that’s roosters I mean; I guess because, I never thought there were any roosters to consider, as opposed to live chickens.
On this Fathers Day, one shining example of barn yard dominance, and encouragement comes to mind.  He has successfully tutored thought,
 and discourse, teaching an impressionable young mind or two, how to fly!
Perhaps not the most tactful of fellows, but well intentioned, and a supportive friend none the less.  So, to you do we say:

Boy, I said boy, remember, I said remember the roosters when yas a having that egg, cause we rather be alive than dead!

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Ramps Medley Fusion Recipe

Green Market Saturday, and the fresh food is enthralling, and  I’m getting ideas for something new. The market is bustling with life, and that makes it so much nicer, along with an especially warm day there are extra vendors for Mother’s Day tomorrow; and I chat with a few vendors about their crafts. 20140510_103940 Ramps, I keep seeing ramps, they’re veggies and new to me, even though I’ve seen lots of recipes online.  It’s hard for me to put my mind around “ramps” veggies, because when I look at them, they look like lily of the valley leaves; and, lilly of the valley are very poisonous, I understand. lily_of_the_valley[1] Definitely, ramps are an unknown that I must try, however; I had purchased sweet red peppers, perhaps these two veggies could make an interesting flavor fusion. 20140510_122854 20140510_140054 20140510_152205 Since my recipe turned out pretty good, I suggest you try it, it is very savory and delicious! The flavor of ramps is  fusion of ginger, slightly seafood, and garlic, very surprising elements.

You’ll need:

One large sauce (or frying) pan

3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil 1-2 teaspoons of sea Salt (to taste)

3 cloves of medium Garlic, sliced

1/2 tablespoon of dried Thyme

1 tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce (or soy sauce)*

1 red onion small-medium size (cut across,so you have rings)

3 yellow onions small size (cut across, as above) Red Sweet Peppers ( 2 cups chopped large)

8-10 washed plant of Ramps (with roots cut off)

Heat your frying pan on high heat on stove top, add olive oil, toss in the 4 cut onions together, lower heat to medium. Cook covered for 10 minutes, open and stir onions, toss in red peppers, stir and cover again, let cook for 10-15 minutes. 20140510_152820 Add thyme into pan, and stir, add cut slices of garlic, stirring again. Now cover sauce pan for another 10 minutes on medium. Your medley is starting to glaze, and getting that unique flavoring. Add in Worcestershire sauce (or soy if you have that).

Uncover saucepan, and stir ingredients, your  veggies should be wilted, and caramelized, if not, raise heat to med-high for 5 minutes, and cover again. Once that is done, take off lid and add ramps (I broke the leaves in half), cover again and put temperature to medium; the ramps are very delicate, and will be done in 5 minutes. Stir and mix your veggie medley well!#OrganicChats Accompany with: Organic Wild Rice 20140510_160105 Additionally, I would in future add about 1 tablespoon of grated fresh ginger to make it go pop in your mouth, with 3 leaves of sage.  I really liked the organic wild rice with it, and it cooked really fast.  It is no fuss, and a welcome release to the pungent, sweet cooked veggies.  Also, if you like you can spice it up with cayenne pepper, to each individual’s taste by sprinkling on top of each serving. 20140510_164514 How could you hack this dish?  Instead of simply making it a vegetarian dish, you can make it with red snapper, Chilean bass, or Trout would be perfect. You may also want to try it with shrimp, sounds yummy!

If you’re into wine, I would use a Clos du Bois, or a Cava Champagne with this recipe.

I hope you enjoy tasting ramps, and I am so glad you stopped in, you always feed the ones you love!


*Reminder that soy sauce is rich in sodium, when using adjust salt!

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