Call Me Chicken!

Happy Fathers Day!
I actually hadn’t wondered what ever became of all the male chickens, that’s roosters I mean; I guess because, I never thought there were any roosters to consider, as opposed to live chickens.
On this Fathers Day, one shining example of barn yard dominance, and encouragement comes to mind.  He has successfully tutored thought,
 and discourse, teaching an impressionable young mind or two, how to fly!
Perhaps not the most tactful of fellows, but well intentioned, and a supportive friend none the less.  So, to you do we say:

Boy, I said boy, remember, I said remember the roosters when yas a having that egg, cause we rather be alive than dead!

We Recommend the following links below:

1. Please buy from Organic & NONGMO USA Brands

2. For more information please contact March Against Monsanto & sign   up to receive valuable information via email.

3. Please see News Blog Food & Water Watch

4. Monsanto Owned Food List To Avoid


Please protect the planet & your children from GMO contamination!

Note: We are not endorsed by any company, or organization.




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